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0. Beryl BORNSZTAJN  (ca1800) (see for additional informations)
  1. Herzlik (=Hershel, Horsch) BORNSZTAJN married with Bajli (=Bialah, Biala) Iti (= Ity) BRANDES (=BRANDERS) (?-1871)
    2 Szymsza (Shimsha) BORENSZTAJN (1841-1921) see picture taken in 1920, married the 1st of july 1859 in Belchatow, Lodz with Rywka (Rifka) KUMETZ (=KUMEC? KUMEIN? KUMITZ?, KUMAN?) (1839-1925) see picture of her taken in 1920, daugher of Uszer and Frajdl KUMETZ (KUMEIN?) From Piotrkow [reference of the wedding of Szymsza and Rywka: Belchatow, Akt 12, Film 681040, date of marriage cert: 4 june 1859] TO BE UPDATED 
      3. Usher BORNSZTAJN (born 9 october 1860-?) Belchatow, Poland, married with Esther Miriam SCHEINSILBER born in Poland. Usher was twin with Ruchla (=Ruchel)! It is mentioned Usher and Ruchla were children of Simsie BORNSZTAJN 19 years old and Rywka BRANDES 20 years old [Belchatow, Lodz, akt 49 and Akt 50, Film 681040, 1860]
            4. Morris BORNSZTAJN
                       5. Rosa BORNSZTAJN
                       5. Rala  BORNSZTAJN married with the husband of Rosa after Rosa died
                       5. Roman  BORNSZTAJN [twin of Adam. Survived the war in Siberia with his wife, then went to the USA, via, Iran and Israël]
                       5. Adam [twin of Roman]
            4. David BORNSTEIN 
            4. Nathan BORNSTEIN 
            4. Solomon BORNSTEIN 
            4. Sam BORNSTEIN 
            4. Rusha BORNSZTAJN
            4. Rozia BORNSZTAJN ( -1941) died in the gettho of Lodz in 1941, married with Jakub KRAKOWSKI ( -1945) killed by the nazis in the Mathausen concentration camp
                       5. Heniek KRAKOWSKI (= Henri CRANE) (1922- ) stay in the Lodz ghetto until 1944, then deported in Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944, survivor, married with Rosalie, living int the USA
                       5. Lutek (Ludwik) KRAKOWSKI ( -1976) died in 1976 in the USA
            4. Florence BORNSTEIN 
                       5. Stanley BORNSTEIN 
            4. Huma BORNSZTAJN (?-1942), deported/killed by the nazis, married in Paris, France, in september 1926 to Jacques OLSER (= OLSZER) (1903-1976) working as Polish worker for Raillways in Germany during the war [see also Hinda Zalcensztajnfirst cousin of Huma- whom Jacques O. re-married after the war]
                       5. Salek  OLSZER (= Samson = Simon) (1927-1998), deported, survivor of the concentration camps, married with Thérèse 
            4. Malon BORNSTEIN 
            4. Bella BORNSTEIN 
            4. Max Emmanuel BORNSTEIN (born the 15th of october 1892 in Lodz, Poland died the 31st of August 1954 in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, USA)  married with Anna LIEBERMAN (born in 1890 in Lodz, Poland died December 4, 1969 in Paterson, Bergen, New Jersey, USA)
                       5. Frances BORNSTEIN (born in May 19, 1910 in Paterson, Bergen, New Jersey, USA) married with Charles BERKOWITZ (born March 29, 1909 married April 15, 1934 died November 20, 1994 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA)
                       5. Paul Kenneth BORNSTEIN (born in May 19, 1910 in Paterson, Bergen, New Jersey, USA died in June 15, 1984) married with Mildred VANDAM
                       5. Julian Leon BORNSTEIN (born in March 25, 1918 in Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey, USA died in July 27, 1994 in Fair Lawn, Bergen, New Jersey, USA) married September 7, 1940 with Margaret FRANKEL (born December 29, 1918 in New York, USA, died June 8, 1992 in Fair Lawn, Bergen, N.J. , USA)
      3. Icek Mendel (Max) BORNSZTAJN (born march 1865 Belchatow, Poland, died 14 october 1937 Paterson NJ, USA) married with Hinda BRANDES (=BRANDERS) Hershcovitz (1869-1946)
            4. Harry BORNSTEIN (1888-1979 in Montreal) married with Sadie LITMAN
            4. Emanuel BORNSTEIN (1890-1942) married with Fanny WEINER (1893-?)
            4. Joseph BORNSTEIN (1891-1949)
            4. Pauline BORNSTEIN (b. 8 september 1894 Lodz-d. 21 october 1978 Canada) married with Isidore (= Isadoew) Spike GEBER
                       5. David Bernard GERBER (b. 5/11/20-d. 10/3/84) and Gussie EPSTEIN (b. 6/20/20) 
                       5. Rita Grace GERBER (b. 1/31/27) m 10/22/49 with Martin LAFER (b. 8/20/26)
            4. Garner BORNSTEIN (1896-1954) married with Charlotte ARNOLD (b. 6/11/06-d. 1981) 
                       5. Richard BORNSTEIN (8/4/27 m 10/51 Marie Calp (12/1/27) 
                       5. Robert BORNSTEIN 2/11/31 m Barbara Cohen 2/18/37 
            4. Augusta BORNSTEIN (born 8 july 1904-died 11 july 1989) married with Charlie SHARMACH (born 3 dec. 1893-died 8 dec. 1974)
                       5. Eugene Schamach 5/7/32 m6/12/54 Rhoda Gold 10/15/34 
                       5. Robert Joseph (b. 8/12/37) 
            4. Morris BORNSTEIN (born in 1906 in Paterson, NJ, USA- ) married with Mrs Jean DANIELS
            4. Bernard BORNSTEIN (1910 Paterson NJ USA-1994) married with Helen HUBERT
                       5. Edward BORNSTEIN born in Paterson NJ, USA, married with Rhoda WILK
            4. Frances BORNSTEIN SALTZMAN born in Paterson NJ USA married with Eddy SALTZMAN 
      3. Beryl "Baer" BORNSZTAJN 
      3. Rachel (= Ruchla) BORNSZTAJN (born 9 october 1860-?) who was twin with Usher! married with Rubin MUSZKAT [Belchatow, Lodz, akt 49 and Akt 50, Film 681040, 1860]
      3. Frandla BORNSZTAJN (1866-1942) married in Lodz in 1897 with Icek Lajb ZALCENSZTAJN (1870-1942), see picture of them (33ko) both died or killed in the Gettho of Lodz in 1942, [Reference of their wedding: Akt n°24, record in fond 1399, Gubernia: Piotrkow, Province: Lodz, Piotrkow Trybunalski archive] [Date of birth of Icek Lajb ZALCENSZTAJN: Akt n°349, Microfilm 767144, Gubernia: Piotrkow, Province: Lodz, Lodz archive]
            4. Berek ZALCENSZTAJN (1898-1954) born in Lodz, died in Paris, France, married with Basia Eidel FRAK (1906-1994) born in Poland and daughter of MR SOMMERSTEIN (ZOMMERSTEIN) and Chaia FRAK, died in Paris in 1994, France, see picture of them (88ko)
                      5. A girl died the day she was born
                      5. Paul SALZENSTEIN (1929-2006) born the 30th of august 1929 in Paris, France, living in Venezuela, married with Odette MIODOWSKI (born 1929-died august 2003), died 8 june 2006, Caracas, Venezuela –picture taken in 2004 with his wife Yolanda (died in February 2006) and his sister Georgette.
                       5. Simon SALZENSTEIN (1932-2011) born the 22nd of may 1932 in Paris, France, died 22nd April 2011 in Morlaix, Finistère, France
                       5. René Lazare SALZENSTEIN (1934-) born the 24th of august 1934 in Paris, France, living in France
                       5. Jacques SALZENSTEIN (1937-1974) born the 30th of may 1937 in Paris, France, died in Greece.
                       5. André SALZENSTEIN (1939-) born the 4th of july 1939 in Paris, France, living in France
                       5. Georgette SALZENSTEIN (1941-) married in France with Henri RIFFET, living in France
                       5. Georges SALZENSTEIN (1942-), living in France
                       5. Marcel SALZENSTEIN (1943-), living in France
            4. Bronia ZALCENSZTAJN (ZARSZEWSKI?) (1900-<1945) arrested in Luxemburg, deported and assassinated by the nazis in a concentration camp
                       5. Régine (=Guicha) KOLLER ZARSZEWSKI (1925- ) married with Daniel KOLLER
                       5. Ester (= Nennie) VERGNE (1927-2002), married with Jean VERGNE, both partisans during the war and heros of the french Resistance, lived in France
            4. Dwora (= Dora) Ita ZALCENSZTAJN (1903-1975) born in Lodz, Poland, died in Poissy, Yvelines, France, married with Abraham Wolf (= Wladislas) SZTERN (?-1942) arrested in Paris by the french police in 1942 during the 'Rafle du Vel d'Hiv' and then deported by the nazis, Pictures: Dora (89 ko), with her brother Heniek (34 ko), with her son Claude (54 ko)
                       5. Claude David SZTERN (1933-1998) born in Paris, XIIth ar., 18 julay 1933, France, died in Lima, Peru, during the spring 1998, see pictures of him young (110 ko) and older (22 ko)
            4. Moshe (=Morris) ZALCENSZTAJN (1904-1942) married with Fruma RYBAK (1903-1942) both killed by the nazis with their daughter in Lyda near Baranovitch, Poland
                       5. Aaron Usher ZALCENSTEIN married to Joanna (or Joanne) (Usher was adpted by his uncle Nathan RYBAK died recently, lived in Miami beach, the children are RYBAK) died recently
                       5. Guisha ZALCENSTEIN (?-1942)
           4. Heinek (Heniek, Henoch) ZALCENSZTAJN (1906-1942?) killed by the nazis after october 1942, married with his cousin Jadzia KRAKOWSKI, Picture of Heinek with his sister Dwora (34 ko)
                      5. *Ms xxxxxxxxxx YYYYYYYYYY (daughter of Jadzia KRAKOWSKI) survived the war?
            4. Tanchem (=Tilly) ZALCENSZTAJN (1910-1956), born in Lodz, Poland, partisan in France, tortured by the gestapo, survived to the war, died in Paris, France, married to xxxxx NACHMAN (?-1942?) deported during the war. See picture of Tilly (38ko)
                       5. Jean-Michel ZALCENSTEIN
                       5. Louis ZALCENSTEIN
                       [Then Tilly Z. re-married to Paul RUBINSTEJN after the war]
                       5. Françoise Yvette THOMPSON RUBINSTEJN, living in USA
            4. Edmund Mendel (= Mouniek, Mundek) ZALCENSZTAJN (1910-2004) Picture of Edmund with his wife Fela GOLDFARB at the left in 1945 and at the right another Fela Zalcenstajn (148 ko), Edmund in 1945 (40 ko), and a little bit later in march 1990 (215 ko)
                       5. Lala ZALCENSZTAJN GOLDFARB, living in Israel
                       5. Frida Elena ABRAMSKY ZALCENSTEIN (1950- ) married to Shimon ABRAMSKY (1945- )
            4. Hinda Hala (= Alla = Sarah) (=Aline) OLSER (= OLSZER) ZALCENSZTAJN (1912-1979) married with Jacques OLSER (1903-1976) [who was married before with a first cousin of Hinda, Huma Bornsztajn -killed by the nazis in a concentration camp during the war-, daughter of Uscher, brother of Frandla]
                       5. Françoise BENASSOULI  OLSER (1947- ) married with Pierre BENASSOULLI in 1968, France
            4. Mordechaï (Momo) ZALCENSZTAJN (1914?-1942) born in Lodz, died or killed in the Gettho of Lodz in 1942
      3. Civia BORNSZTAJN (1868-1942) married with xxxxx FOX, living in the USA
            4. Bella FOX lived with her aunt Frandla before to emigrate to the USA.
            4. Maylech-Mike FOX
            4. Harry FOX 
      3 Herschel (Horsch) BORNSZTAJN born in 1872, owned Jacquard Fabrics in Paterson, NJ, USA married with Rachel SIZERMAN  , living in USA
            4. Abe  BORNSTEIN
                       5. Stanley  BORNSTEIN
            4. Sadie  BORNSTEIN
            4. Max  BORNSTEIN
            4. Beatrice  BORNSTEIN
            4. Anne  BORNSTEIN
            4. Jack  BORNSTEIN
                       5. Peter  BORNSTEIN
                       5. Theodore Herschel  BORNSTEIN
            4. Mildred BORNSTEIN 
    2. Judah BORNSZTAJN 
      3 Hershel  BORNSTEIN
      3 Zelik BORNSTEIN 
      3 Zelda BORNSTEIN 
    2. Yitzhak BORNSZTAJN (born in 1835 Belchatow, Poland, married in 1857 with Ester Ruchla KLINKE/KLUG
      3 Moshe Meyer BORNSTEIN (Ca1860)
            4. Charles Ralph (Rachmiel Hoshea) BORNSTEIN (1903-1980)
                       5. Allen BORNSTEIN (born 9 april 1935)
                       5. Irving David BORNSTEIN (born 6 june 1931) married with Meryl
                       5. Max BORNSTEIN (see SINGLERs below) married with Celia SINGLER
            4 Elka BORNSTEIN married with  Mr. SINGLER 
                       5. Celia SINGLER BORNSTEIN married with Max  BORNSTEIN
      3 Pinchas BORNSTEIN (1862-1918) died in Lodz
            5. Joseph BORNSTEIN. He was murderd with his wife and their four children (B. +-1938) in Auschwitz
      3. Hershel BORNSZTAJN  married with Benna Bornstein 
    2. BORNSZTAJN Unknown 
  1. Judah  BORNSZTAJN
  1. 3rd brother  BORNSZTAJN
0. Moshe BORNSZTAJN (1814-?) married with Sarah 
  1. Yussef BORNSTEIN (1847?-?) married in 1865 in Belchatow, Lodz, Poland, with Sarah Devorah RABINOVITZ BORNSTEIN  (1847-1902)
    2. Abraham BORNSTEIN (1882-1966)
      3. Dorothy BORNSTEIN married with Albert MORELL (1909-1964)
            4. Henry MORELL married with Terri Morgan MORELL
                       5. Scott MORELL
                       5. Lisa MORELL
                       5. Ann MORELL Olevitch
            4. Linda MORELL (1939- ) married with Norman SPITZER
                       5. Roger SPITZER (1960- ) married with Lourdes ORTEGA SPITZER, living in the USA
                       5. Lori SPITZER (1963- ) married with James CORLEY
                       5. Allison SPITZER (1966- ) married with James CARTER
            4. Laurence MORELL married with Ellen MORELL, living in the USA, see picture (413ko) of Laurence MORELL and Pa SALZENSTEIN in St-Petersburg, Florida, USA, may 2003
                       5. Tamara MORELL
                       5. Suzanne MORELL
                       5. Dana MORELL
      3. Florence BORNSTEIN GLUCKMAN married with Sidney GLUCKMAN
            4. Steve GLUCKMAN
            4. Mark GLUCKMAN married with Lee Diczok GLUCKMAN
                       5. Sidney GLUCKMAN married with Wendy GLUCKMAN
                       5. Rebecca GLUCKMAN married with Mark MASIO
            4. David GLUCKMAN married with Maxine GOLDMAN
                       5. Kenneth GLUCKMAN married with Missy Barzd GLUCKMAN
                       5. Michael GLUCKMAN married with Susan Reitz GLUCKMAN
            4. Jeremy GLUCKMAN married with Sue GLUCKMAN
                       5. Gideon GLUCKMAN
                       5. Judah GLUCKMAN
            4. Debbie GLUCKMAN married with Joel BARR
                       5. Aaron BARR
                       5. Abby BARR FREEMAN married with Wade Freeman 
      3. Beatrice Bornstein ETTINGER married with Leon ETTINGER
            4. Jeffery ETTINGER married with Elaine
                       5. Steve ETTINGER married with Betty
                       5. Cindy  ETTINGER
                       5. Mara  ETTINGER
            4. Marilyn ETTINGER CROTTY married with Gary  CROTTY
                       5. Jonathan CROTTY married with Lisa 
                       5. David  CROTTY
                       5. Kevin  CROTTY
            4. Roz Ettinger married with Les FUCHS
                       5. Dinah FUCHS
                       5. Jill FUCHS
                       5. Samuel FUCHS
      3. Jerome BORNSTEIN married with Rita B.
            4. Judy  BORNSTEIN
            4. David  BORNSTEIN
            4. Ray  BORNSTEIN
       3. Rita BORNSTEIN married with Morton LEVY
            4. Stella LEVY married with John
                       5. Loha (Miriam)
                       5. Brendan
            4. Karen LEVY  married with John / married with Paul
                       5. Ellen
            4. Deborah LEVY  married with Tom
                       5. Hanu (Aaron)
            4. Dan LEVY  married with Jane
    2. Morris BORNSZTAJN married with Fannie R. 
      3. Julian BORNSTEIN married with Mildred
      3. Harold BORNSTEIN married with Ruth
            4. Morris  BORNSTEIN
            4. Judith BORNSTEIN 
    2. Barnett BORNSZTAJN married with Yetta KULMAN 
      3. Gertrude BORNSTEIN married with Harry GREEN
            4. Eugene GREEN
            4. Rena GREEN CUTLER
            4. Audrey GREEN OLESKY
      3. Evelyn BORNSTEIN  married with Bernard S. COLEMAN
            4. Kenneth COLEMAN married with Ruthie GOLDSMITH  COLEMAN
            4. Roger COLEMAN married with Ruth
      3. Manuel BORNSTEIN  married with Goldie KAUFMAN? 
            4. . Burt BORNSTEIN married with Celia KULMAN  
      3. Sylvia (Sibby) BORNSTEIN married with Sidney REISS
            4. Robert REISS
            4. Paul REISS
            4. Ilene REISS 
    2. Elka (Alice) BORNSZTAJN married with David SPEIZMAN  
      3. Morris SPEIZMAN married with Sylvia VALENSTEIN 
            4. Robert  SPEIZMAN
            4. Larry  SPEIZMAN
      3. Rebecca SPEIZMANmarried with Sidney LIPPMAN
            4. Stephen LIPPMAN
            4. Marya LIPPMAN WOLFMAN
      3. Max SPEIZMAN  married with Selma GREENWALD 
            4. William SPEIZMAN
            4. Marcia SPEIZMAN GROSS
                       5. Jane GROSS (1966- ) picture (58ko) in Besancon 07.16.04, married with Steven ULLMAN, photography of both the 14 of july 2004 in Besancon, France (65ko), also doing crosswords there the 16th of july 2004 (83ko) and another one in 2003 (25k), and Jane and Pa Salzenstein. (41ko) 07.17.04, picture of Jane in L.A., july 2004, with Nutella! (69ko)
                       5. Susan GROSS (1969- ) married the 2nd of may 2004 with Nicolas POLLARA, see picture (35ko)
      3. Dorothy SPEIZMAN married with Charles COPLAN
            4. Eleanor SPEIZMAN BOGART
            4. Lois SPEIZMAN ROSE
      3. George SPEIZMAN married with Cyril FISHMAN  SPEIZMAN
            4. Bill SPEIZMAN
            4. Alice SPEIZMAN MARSHALL
      3. Freida SPEIZMAN married with Abe  KERBEN
            4. Laura (Lolly)  KERBEN
            4. Debby KERBEN (?-1995) 
    2. Esther BORNSZTAJN married with Itchik STOPNITSKY (Now STORM)
      3. Rebecca STOPNITSKY COHEN
      3. Morris STOPNITSKY 
      3. Irving STOPNITSKY 
      3. Ruth STOPNITSKY 
      3. Ruth DIMANSTEIN
    2. Rebecca BORNSZTAJN married with Hanna WEISSMAN
    2. Arnold  BORNSZTAJN
  1. Shimsha  BORNSZTAJN
  1. Hyman  BORNSZTAJN
  1. Rifke-Rachel BORNSZTAJN married with Mr.  JACOBS
    2. Max JACOBS married with Jennie  JACOBS
      3. Rita JACOBS married with Phil
      3. Florence JACOBS Berk married with Al BERK
  1. Chaim  BORNSZTAJN
0. Shmuel (Samuel)  BORNSZTAJN
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