1. Szimsi ZALCENSZTAJN married with Hinda JAKUBOWICZ from Piotrkow
  2. Lajzer ZALCENSZTAJN (1843-d?), butcher, married in Lodz in 1866 with Brana MARCOWICZ (1845-1882?), daughter of  Icek Lajb MARCOWICZ and Sura. [Reference of the wedding of Lajzer and Brana: Akt n°2, Microfilm 767143, Gubernia: Piotrkow, Province: Lodz]
      3. Icek Lajb ZALCENSZTAJN (born 27 november 1870-died 1942) married in Lodz in 1897 with Frandla BORNSZTAJN (1866-1942), see picture of them (33ko) both died or killed in the Gettho of Lodz in 1942, [Reference of their wedding: Akt n°24, record in fond 1399, Gubernia: Piotrkow, Province: Lodz, Piotrkow Trybunalski archive] [Date of birth of Icek Lajb ZALCENSZTAJN: Akt n°349, Microfilm 767144, Gubernia: Piotrkow, Province: Lodz, Lodz archive]
            4. Berek ZALCENSZTAJN (1898-1954) born in Lodz, died in Paris, France, married with Basia Eidel FRAK (1906-1994) born in Poland, died  in Paris, France, see picture of them (88ko)
                      5. Paul SALZENSTEIN (1929-2006) born the 30th of august 1929 in Paris, France, living in Venezuela, married with Odette MIODOWSKI (born 1929-died august 2003), died 8 june 2006, Caracas, Venezuela –picture taken in 2004 with his wife Yolanda (died in February 2006) and his sister Georgette.
                                     6. Francine BAYAN-DAVAN
                                                7. Alexandra ?
                                     6. Marc SALZENSTEIN maried with Karen
                                                7. Michael Yitzhak SALZENSTEIN (2000-)
                       5. Simon SALZENSTEIN (1932-) born the 22nd of may 1932 in Paris, France
                                     6. Bernard SALZENSTEIN (1956-) born the 13 august 1956 in Paris, France
                                                 7. Julien SALZENSTEIN (1984-) born the 30th of april 1984 in Bagneux, France
                                                 7. Léopold SALZENSTEIN (1996-) born the 9th of November 1996 in Mulhouse, France
                                     6. Ronan SALZENSTEIN (1966- ) born in Nice, south of France, married in Aix-en-Provence, south of France, 1999 with Anne MENARD
                                                 7. Margot Amélie Françoise SALZENSTEIN (2001-) born the 1st of february 2001 in Aix-en-Provence
                                                 7. Gaspar Ronan SALZENSTEIN (2003-) born the 3rd of april 2003 in Aix-en-Provence
                                                 7. Victor Ronan SALZENSTEIN (2006-) born the 11th of february 2006 in Aix-en-Provence, France
                                     6. Fa bien SALZENSTEIN
                                     6. Patrice SALZENSTEIN (1970-) born in Rueil-Malmaison, Hauts-de-Seine, France,  married in the north of France in september 1995 (18ko) with Isabelle CAUWET, see also  picture of Patrice in october 2001 (16 ko)
                                                 7. Lilian Oscar Jolan SALZENSTEIN (2000-) picture in october 2005 and another picture taken the 29th of june 2002 (41ko)
                                                 7. Laurine Audrey Louve SALZENSTEIN (2004- ) born 4th november 2004 in Besançon, France, see picture taken in the beginning of 2006
                                     6. El o d i SALZENSTEIN (1974- ) born in Versailles, France, see picture in august 2001 (104ko) married with Say Phan CHHE
                                                 7. Adrien CHHE (2005-) born in Colombes, France 19th of august 2005
                       5. René Lazare SALZENSTEIN (1934-) born the 24th of august 1934 in Paris, France
                       5. Jacques SALZENSTEIN (1937-1974) born the 30th of may 1937 in Paris, France, died in Greece.
                       5. André SALZENSTEIN (1939-) born the 4th of july 1939 in Paris, France
                                      6.Philippe SALZENSTEIN
                                                 7. Hanna SALZENSTEIN
                                                 7. Maxime SALZENSTEIN
                                                 7. Elsa SALZENSTEIN
                                      6. François SALZENSTEIN
                      5. Georgette SALZENSTEIN (1941-) married in France with Henri RIFFET
                                      6. Claire RIFFET
                       5. Georges SALZENSTEIN (1942-)
                                      6. Myriam SALZENSTEIN
                                      6. Elise SALZENSTEIN
                       5. Marcel SALZENSTEIN (1943-)
                                      6. Corine SALZENSTEIN
                                      6. Virginie SALZENSTEIN
            4. Bronia ZALCENSZTAJN (ZARSZEWSKI?) (1900-?) arrested in Luxemburg, deported and assassinated by the nazis in a concentration camp
                       5. Régine (=Guicha) KOLLER ZARSZEWSKI (1925- ) married with Daniel KOLLER
                                     6. Ms xxxxxxxx KOLLER
                                     6. Ms yyyyyy KOLLER
                       5. Ester (= Nennie) VERGNE (1927-2002), married with Jean VERGNE, both partisans during the war and heros of the french Resistance
                                     6. Nicole VERGNE mariée à Antoine NODIER-LANGLOIS
                                     6. Danielle THOMAS VERGNE
                                     6. Chantal VERGNE mariée à Jean-Paul LACOURT
                                     6. Joëlle PICHON
            4. Dwora (= Dora) Ita ZALCENSZTAJN (1903-1975) born in Lodz, Poland, died in Poissy, Yvelines, France, married with Abraham Wolf (= Wladislas) SZTERN (?-1942) arrested in Paris by the french police in 1942 during the 'Rafle du Vel d'Hiv' and then deported by the nazis, Pictures: Dora (89 ko), with her brother Heniek (34 ko), with her son Claude (54 ko)
                       5. Claude David SZTERN (1933-1998) born in Paris, XIIth ar., 18 julay 1933, France, died in Lima, Peru, during the spring 1998, see pictures of him young (110 ko) and older (22 ko)
                                     6. Caroline SZTERN
                                                 7. ? SZTERN
                                     6. Philippe SZTERN
                                                 7. ? SZTERN
                                    [re-married with Ana Maria JARAMA (1960- ) born 16 march 1960 in Lima, Peru]
                                     6. Daniela SZTERN (1986- ) born 22 may 1986 in Lima, Peru
            4. Moshe (=Morris) ZALCENSZTAJN (1904?-1942) married with Fruma RYBAK (1903-1942) both killed by the nazis with their daughter in Lyda near Baranovitch, Poland
                       5. Aaron Usher ZALCENSTEIN married to Joanna (Usher was adpted by his uncle Nathan RYBAK, the children are RYBAK)
                                     6. Michele RYBAK
                                     6. Myrna RYBAK
                                     6. Mr xxxxxxxx RYBAK
                       5. Guisha ZALCENSTEIN (?-1942)
           4. Heinek (Heniek, Henoch) ZALCENSZTAJN (1906-1942?) killed by the nazis after october 1942, married with Jadzia KRAKOWSKI, Picture of Heinek with his sister Dwora (34 ko)
                      5. *Ms xxxxxxxxxx YYYYYYYYYY (daughter of Jadzia KRAKOWSKI) survived the war?
            4. Tanchem (=Tilly) ZALCENSZTAJN (1910-1956), born in Lodz, Poland, partisan in France, tortured by the gestapo, survived to the war, died in Paris, France, married to xxxxx NACHMAN (?-1942?) deported during the war. See picture of Tilly (38ko)
                       5. Jean-Michel ZALCENSTEIN
                       5. Louis ZALCENSTEIN
                                     6. Amir ZALCENSTEIN
                                     6. Aviv ZALCENSTEIN
                                     6. Leonore ZALCENSTEIN
                       [Then Tilly Z. re-married to Paul RUBINSTEJN after the war]
                       5. Françoise Yvette THOMPSON RUBINSTEJN
            4. Edmund Mendel (= Mouniek, Mundek) ZALCENSZTAJN (1910-) Picture of Edmund with his wife Fela GOLDFARB at the left in 1945 and at the right another Fela Zalcenstajn (148 ko), Edmund in 1945 (40 ko), and a little bit later in march 1990 (215 ko)
                       5. Frida Elena ABRAMSKY ZALCENSTEIN (1950- ) married to Shimon ABRAMSKY (1945- )
                                     6. Eldad  ABRAMSKY (1977- )
                                     6. Asaf  ABRAMSKY (1983- )
                                     6. Itamar  ABRAMSKY (1987- )
                       5. Lala ZALCENSZTAJN GOLDFARB
             4. Hinda Hala (= Alla = Sarah) (=Aline) OLSZER (= OLSER) ZALCENSZTAJN (1912-1979) married with Jacques OLSER (1903-1976) [who was married before with a first cousin of Hinda, Huma Bornsztajn -killed by the nazis in a concentration camp during the war-, daughter of Uscher, brother of Frandla]
                       5. * Simon  OLSER (1927-1998) [son of Jacques OLSER and Huma BORNSZTAJN], deported, survivor of the concentration camps, married with Thérèse
                       5. Françoise BENASSOULI  OLSER (1947- ) married with Pierre BENASSOULLI in 1968, France
                                     6. Anne BENASSOULI (1970- )
                                                 7. Mathieu (1997- )
                                                 7. Chloé (1998- )
                                     6. Jean-David  BENASSOULI (1972- )
                                                 7. Eve BENASSOULI (2002- ) picture taken the 8th of october 2002 (27ko) 
            4. Mordechaï (Momo) ZALCENSZTAJN (1914?-1942) born in Lodz, died or killed in the Gettho of Lodz in 1942
           4.*Bella FOX BORNSTEIN (daughter of a brither of Frandla BORNSTEIN: Civia BORNSTEIN) *lived with Frandla's family untill she was allowed to enter USA for emigration.
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